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BHK Welke resultaten zijn mogelijk?


Your doctor will receive the result a few weeks after the Pap smear.

There are three possible results:

1.    No abnormality was found.

  • No abnormal cells were found.
  • Most women get this result.
  • No additional examination is needed. Three years later, it is best to have another Pap smear. If you have any symptoms in the meantime, do not hesitate to visit your GP or gynaecologist.

2.    A slight abnormality was found.

  • Your Pap smear contains slightly abnormal cells. 
  • Usually, you are advised to have a follow-up smear after 6 and 12 months. Your doctor will then check whether the abnormal cells have disappeared. If the abnormal cells do not disappear, additional examination is needed.

3.    A severe abnormality was found:

  • Your Pap smear contains severely abnormal cells.
  • Additional examination is needed. Your GP or gynaecologist will help you plan that additional examination. 
  • The chance that you actually have cervical cancer is still slim. Often it is a precancerous stage that can be treated fairly easily. In that case, cervical cancer will be prevented.